Jenn Shepard

University of Minnesota

About Jenn

Jenn Shepard is a masters student at the University of Minnesota in the Department of Forest Resources under the advisement of Mae Davenport.  She joined the project in the summer of 2015, and has enjoyed getting to know the North Shore through analysis of the projects’ “climate change narratives”. These narratives, gathered via interviews with local leaders and community members, provide important insight into the communities concerns and perceptions of climate change and related current and future impacts.  Jenn is particularly interested in the ways that participatory planning and regional consensus building can promote community climate readiness.  Originally from Berkeley, CA, Jenn’s previous career as a baker and cooperative business owner led her to a deep understanding of the ways in which climate change and natural resource management decisions can impact businesses and communities.  Jenn got her undergraduate degree in Environmental Studies at Sarah Lawrence College in New York.  In her free time, Jenn can be found exploring her new city and trying to recreate the perfect San Francisco sourdough to accompany a Minnesota day hike.