Mark Kanazawa, Ph.D.

Carleton College

About Mark

Mae is a Full Professor of Economics at the Carleton College. Mark has been leading research into the economics of outdoor recreation and tourism on the North Shore Community Climate Readiness Project. Mark has compiled historical visitation data from a variety of outdoor recreation and tourism destinations throughout the North Shore. He’s analyzing these data to determine how historical climatic and environmental conditions have affected visitation levels. This analysis has been instrumental in determining how the visitation to the region might change as specific climatic and environmental conditions, such as average monthly high temperatures or average daily snow depths, change in as a result of global climate change. Mark has also been leading research focused on estimating the economic contribution of outdoor recreation and tourism to North Shore economies.

In addition to leading the North Shore Community Climate Readiness Project’s economics-related research, Mark is involved in a variety of other research projects related to the legal-economic history of groundwater rights in California, the impact of advances in science on the common law and the emigrant experience on the overland trail to California. Mark has also recently released the book ‘Golden Rules’ which details water rights issues during the California Gold Rush.

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