Allie McCreary

NC State University

About Allie

Allie is a Ph.D. student in the Department of Parks, Recreation and Tourism Management at NC State University working under the advisement of Erin Seekamp and Jordan Smith. Working with Erin and Jordan, Allie has led the North Shore Community Climate Readiness project’s on-site survey efforts. Between the Winter of 2014 and the Summer of 2015, Allie led the the effort to survey 2,250 North Shore outdoor recreationists and visitors. The surveys have provided valuable insight about visitation to the North Shore. Particularly, the surveys have provided useful information about who North Shore visitors are (i.e., sociodemographic composition), what activities they participate in while they’re visiting, how frequently they’ve visited the region in the past and how frequently they would visit in the future if the region’s climate and environmental conditions were to change. The information obtained from the survey can help guide the decisions of North Shore municipalities and resource managers as they begin to plan for region-wide climatic change.

Originally, from the St. Louis, MO area (go Cards!) Allie received both her master’s and undergraduate degree from the Southern Illinois University-Carbondale Forestry Department. In her free time, you can find Allie diligently working on her dissertation and, occasionally, finding time to hike, camp, and canoe in the mountains and coasts of beautiful North Carolina.

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