Jordan W. Smith, Ph.D.

Utah State University

About Jordan

Jordan is the Director of the Institute of Outdoor Recreation and Tourism at Utah State University; he is also an Assistant Professor in the University’s Department of Environment and Society. On the North Shore Community Climate Readiness Project, Jordan has been involved in compiling and analyzing a comprehensive set of existing North Shore policies and planning documents, such as the Superior National Forest’s Land and Management Plan and the North Shore Scenic Drive Corridor Management Plan, to determine whether or not they can address climate-related impacts to the region. This analysis has identified gaps in current policy and planning documents that need to be addressed for the North Shore’s communities and natural resources to be better prepared for climate change.

In addition to leading the North Shore Community Climate Readiness Project’s policy analysis work, Jordan has lead the work estimating how visitation to the region will change under altered climatic and environmental conditions. Aside from the North Shore Community Climate Readiness Project, Jordan works on a variety of other interdisciplinary research projects focused on understanding how humans make behavioral and planning adaptations in response to rapidly changing environmental conditions.

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