John Nieber, Ph.D.

University of Minnesota

About John

John is a Full Professor in the Department of Bioproducts and Biosystems Engineering at the University of Minnesota. Along with Bruce Wilson, John is leading the North Shore Community Climate Readiness project’s hydroclimatic modelling work. Their work involves combining data describing historical climatological conditions (like average monthly high temperatures) and historical environmental conditions (like average daily snow depths) with projections derived from global climate models to provide estimates of how conditions on the North Shore will change between 2016 and 2045.

In addition to leading the North Shore Community Climate Readiness project’s hydroclimatological work, John has a variety of other research projects focused on gaining a better understanding of hydrologic processes through field experimentation, data synthesis and simulation modeling. John also has extensive experience assessing the impact of land use activities on the hydrology and water quality of ground water, streams, lakes and wetlands.

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