Local Perceptions of Climate Change on the North Shore

We've collected and analyzed a series of “community climate narratives” from North Shore residents and resource managers. The narratives provide local insight and historical knowledge about how the North Shore’s communities have been able to cope with, and respond to, environmental change in the past. Understanding how the region has responded to change in the past can provide valuable insight into how it can best prepare for change in the future.

What concerns community leaders when it comes to climate change on the North Shore?

Community leaders expressed a number of concerns related to how climate change will impact natural resources on the North Shore. Major concerns included: the loss of wildlife; changing forest conditions; pests and invasive species; a loss of water quality; more unpredictable weather; and wildfire threats.

How do community leaders believe the North Shore is and is not prepared for cHAnge?

What are community leaders' priorities for preserving their community's assets?

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