An interdisciplinary research project focused on assessing and building the capacity of North Shore communities and resource management agencies to adapt to climate change

Components of the project

Local Perceptions of Climate Change on the North Shore

We've collected and analyzed a series of "community climate narratives" to understand how residents and resource managers feel about climate change and its impacts to the North Shore.

Visitor Expenditures on the North Shore

Using data collected from on-site surveys delivered to visitors across the North Shore, we have estimated the economic contribution of outdoor recreation and tourism to the region's economy.

Future Hydroclimatic Conditions on the North Shore

Outdoor recreation on the North Shore is dependent on hydrologic and climatic conditions. Using advanced hydroclimatic modeling, we've developed a region-specific set of hydroclimatic conditions.

Meanings Visitors Attach to the North Shore

The North Shore region means a lot to both local community members and tourists. Using data collected from Instagram, we're determining what the most personally meaningful activities and resources are.

Assessment of Current North Shore Resource Management Policies

The North Shore has a variety of policies designed to ensure the provision of public goods and services. We've evaluated those policies to determine whether or not they can address climate-related impacts.

Current and Future Visitation to the North Shore

After conducting nearly 2,000 surveys with visitors, we've compiled critical information on both how the region's recources are being used now as well as how use will shift as the the region's climate changes.

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